RHYS Packaging Sleeve

Additional information

Technical Specifications:

Packaging and protection of hose assemblies, in transit and in storage. RYCO RHYS Packaging Sleeve is installed over the finished hose assembly. The ends may be heat sealed, or folded over and stapled, or taped closed.

Heavy gauge low density polyethylene clear plastic tubing; printed at intervals with “RYCO” logo, and incorporating an area for the hose assembly Part Number to be written.

1. Select correct size of RYCO RHYS Packaging Sleeve. It must be large enough to allow for the maximum outside profile of the hose couplings.
2. Two sizes are available:
3. RHYS-75 suits most hoses up to -16 (1”) hose bore.
4. RHYS-125 suits most hoses from -16 to -32 (1” to 2”) hose.
5. If required, write the hose assembly Part Number onto the Packaging Sleeve using a ball point pen.
6. Slide the hose assembly into the RHYS Packaging Sleeve.
7. Trim Packaging Sleeve to length, and seal ends.

350 metres (1,150 feet).