RCS CROCSLEEVE – Burst Protection Sleeve

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Technical Specifications:

Hose burst and pinhole protection. Protection of individual hoses from severe abrasion. Provides a cost effective method of bundling hoses together, while providing abrasion resistance to the bundle. When abrasion occurs, the thousands of tiny filaments in the sleeve bulk up, to continually renew the surface.

Densely woven, polyamide tubular sleeve. Black or Red colour. CROCSLEEVE is not affected by exposure to air, water, hydraulic oil and many other fluids. The inside bore of the CROCSLEEVE is smooth, allowing hose to move inside the sleeve, and allowing easy installation.

FRAS – FLAME RESISTANCE AND ANTI-STATIC: Flame Resistant and Anti-Static – FRAS. Electrical conductivity is 3 to 5 MΩ/m when subjected to 500 Volts DC.

From – 50°C to + 121°C (- 58°F to + 250°F).

Choose a size that is slightly larger than the hose or hoses to be sleeved – recommended size is 50% larger than nominal Hose OD. If CROCSLEEVE is to be installed onto fitted hose assemblies, allow for the maximum outside profile of the hose fittings.

1. Cut the CROCSLEEVE to length.
2. The loose fibres of the cut edges can be sealed with a heat gun or hot knife, to prevent fraying.
3. Install over hoses or hose assemblies.
4. Secure in place using adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing.

  Watch CROCSTOP Assembly Instructional Video


The RYCO CROC System is a 3-in-1 safety device and works as a burst suppressor, whip check, and protects the hose from abrasion. It also provides a cost effective method of bundling hoses together, while providing abrasion resistance to the bundle.

RYCO CROC System includes:

  • CROCSTOP: The RYCO CROCSTOP allows quick and easy inspection of the hose assembly without having to disconnect the hose assembly in its entirety. It also acts as a whip check to contain hose and couplings within the sleeve in the event of separation.
  • CROCSLEEVE: The CROCSLEEVE component of the CROC system helps to protect the hose assembly from damage caused by aggressive or excessive abrasion that can lead to premature hose assembly failure. Available in two colours: black and red.
  • CROCTOOTH: CROCTOOTH is designed to reduce the chance of chemical and oil spills, and to create a workspace that is both clean and safe. It is quick and easy to install with no additional tools required for assembly. It is also reusable, easy to wipe clean, resistant to most oils and chemicals, and easy to recognise with its distinctive orange colour.
  • CROCGRIP: The CROCGRIP allows for the use of multiple hose sizes in a single bundling set. Using CROCGRIP allows you to perform a replacement on a single hose assembly from a set. This saves you both money and downtime.
  • CROCSTOP TOOL: RCST-TOOL is used to secure the CROCSLEEVE on to the CROCSTOP device using the CROCSTOP TIE.  Assembly and disassembly of the CROCSTOP can be performed efficiently using minimal effort using this tool, which allows you to easily change and identify your hoses.
  • CROCSTOP TIE: RCSTD TIE is a specially designed stainless steel tie that is used to hold the CROCSTOP system tightly together to ensure secure attachment of the CROCSTOP energy diffusion system. These stainless steel ties are easy to install and remove from the assembly.