750/760 Spring Guard

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Technical Specifications:

TJ24D and TJ26D Specialist Jacking Hose Assemblies, to control bend radius at end of hoses to avoid excessive strain on hose couplings. Can also be used with E24, E26, RQP24, RQP26, T24C, T24D, T24S, T26C, T26D and T26S Hoses. Can be used with L000 Series Field Attachable and T2000 Series BITELOK Couplings.

750 Suits some -4 (1/4”) and -6 (3/8”) hoses
760 Suits some -6 (3/8”) hoses

Spring Steel Wire; galvanised for corrosion protection.

Slide Spring Guards over the hose before assembling hose ends. After ends are assembled, twist and push Spring Guards onto the ferrules. The close pitched end of the Spring Guard goes over the ferrule, and the wide pitched end goes over the hose (as depicted in below image).