RHYT / RHWT Hose Tag

Additional information

Technical Specifications:

Permanent identification of hose assemblies. RYCO Hose Tags enable hose assembly information to be attached to the hose assembly in a cost effective manner. Two sizes of Hose Tags allow all common hose sizes to be tagged.

Information can be written or printed on the Hose Tag prior to being attached to the hose. When the Hose Tag is wrapped on the hose, a clear panel at the end of the tag wraps over to protect the written or printed information.

Hose Tag remains in position on the hose due to the adhesive backing, and the Hose Tag bends with the hose, ensuring that flexibility is not affected.

The slim profile of the attached Hose Tag reduces the risk of accidental removal. Hose Tag does not damage or cut the cover of the hose.

Heat, oil, ozone, sunlight, and weather resistant high performance plastic.

Adhesive-backed for permanent attachment to the hose assembly. Area to write or print information, with a clear panel that wraps over to protect the hose assembly identification information.

Suitable for use with all RYCO Hoses at their published temperature ranges.

1. Select correct size of RYCO RHYT Hose Tag for the hose assembly that is to be identified.
2. Two sizes are available:
3. RHYT-10 and RHWT-10 suits hose sizes -04 to -10 (1/4” to 5/8”).
4. RHYT-32 and RHWT-32 suits hose sizes -12 to -32 (3/4” to 2”).
5. Using a ball point pen or label printer, apply the required information onto the Hose Tag.
6. Remove the release paper from the back of the Hose Tag to expose the adhesive.
7. While ensuring that the Hose Tag is parallel to the axis of the hose, wrap the Hose Tag tightly around the hose, then continue to wrap the clear plastic panel over the Hose Tag.
8. Press firmly to ensure that the adhesive bonds.