T2000 – One-Piece Crimp Fittings

RYCO T2000 One-Piece Fittings are identifiable by the two series code grooves at the end of the ferrule.

T2000 One-Piece Crimp Fittings are designed for use with 1 and 2 wire braid hose types, and are compatible with the following RYCO Hoses:

● ISOBARIC Braid – T3000, T3600, T4000, T5000, T6000
● Braid – T1, T2, TXA2D, E1, E2, EC1, EC2, TJ2D, DF1D, DF2D, DK1D, DK2D
● Pressure Washer – JS4000, JS6000
● Speciality and High Temperature – RQP1, RQP2, D2B, BT1, MS1000, CS1000

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